Ultra One. Set for ultra-strong contamination removal Ultra One


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The Involver mitt, the two-sided Involver cloth, the Involver disk (2 pcs.).
Enjoy effortless ultra-cleanliness! Having made a choice in favor of ULTRA
ecological products of AQUAmagic line, you have provided perfect,
chemical-free comfort, coziness and cleanliness in your house harmless to
your loved ones.
Aquamagic ULTRA one set contains:
The Involver mitt
The Involver mitt is designed for general cleaning. Thanks to its ergonomic
design, it features an easy, comfortable fit in the hand, covering your
wrist so that your hands do not come in contact with the dirt. It is ideal
for general cleaning and the removal of strong fat-containing contaminants.
It keeps polished surfaces clean for a long time.
The double-sided Involver cloth
A universal cloth with a terry side, the double-sided Involver cloth is
dispensable for cleaning and polishing any surface: electrical appliances,
lacquered coatings, silver, steel, chrome, mirrors, crystal, etc. It does
not leave any stains or lint and gives surfaces flawless look in no time.
The Involver disk (2 pcs.)
The Ā«InvolverĀ» disk is designed for everyday cleaning. Thanks to its
convenient and flexible form, it allows hard-to-remove dirt to be collected
from inaccessible places as well as uneven and corrugated surfaces. It
removes stubborn stains, grease, and ground-in dirt effectively without
damaging the surface or leaving any lint.


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