Crab. Universal manipulator device


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It will help you:
reach out to distant objects;take and carry objects;pick up rubbish, things or toys from the floor without bending;put your home and country house in order;get things from the upper shelves and hardly accessible places;draw curtains;reach out to the switches;carry objects at a distance.
Give yourself and your family an easy life with AQUAmatic CRAB.
A convenient handle with a button allows you to hold the AQUAmatic CRAB in
your hand firmly and easily.Rubber grips of the device fix the object preventing it from moving while
carrying.Made from lightweight yet durable materials, time-proof.Multifunctional.
How to use
Take AQUAmatic CRAB by the handle, move the gripping part (a claw) to the
object for carrying, press and hold the button under the handle, and the
claw (gripping part) will fix the object firmly.If it is necessary to change the position of the claw, pull the gripping
part and turn it in the necessary direction relative to the handle then
return it to the working position.The gripping part can be locked in any of four positions relative to the
Exclusive products of the AQUAmatic line are original, stylish and
easy-to-use at home and country house. Thanks to movable mounts and
lightweight materials, they are multifunctional. High-quality materials,
versatility, reliability and ergonomics of these products make them
essential at every home.


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