Bio Trim NEO #5 Cleaning napkin for textile


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5 disposable textile cleaning wipes
Water; natural citric acid; and extracts: celandine, soaproot, chamomile,
nettle, burdock, sedge, plantain, triticale, licorice, oats, and cinquefoil.
Neo #5 cleaning cloths are designed to remove stains from clothing without
damaging them. They easily clean jacket collars and cuffs in addition to
purse, shoe, and hat lining as well as products and accessories made of
textile materials. They help gently remove coffee, wine, oil, and lipstick
stains and more. They are most effective if used to wipe the stains before
drying. Thanks to BioTrim Neo’s convenient holding sachets, the cleaning
cloths are easy to keep on hand at all times.
Removes fresh stains off of clothing, accessories, and upholstery made of
textile materials; cleans jacket collars and cuffs as well as purse, shoes,
and hat lining.
Remove the stain with a cleaning cloth and wait until it has completely


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