Laska mini. Skincare set for face, neck and chest


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A makeup removing sponge, a double-sided sponge mitten, a mitten.
Treat your skin gently! By choosing the AQUAmagic line’s LASKA ecological
products, you have ensured excellent SPA care in your home to retain youth
in your skin.
LASKA mini Aquamagic set includes:
A makeup removal sponge
The unique texture of the sponge allows skin to be thoroughly cleansed
without damaging it. Microfiber silver nanoparticles inhibit the growth of
pathogenic bacteria, reliably protecting the skin.
A double-sided sponge mitten
The rough surface functions as a scrubber: exfoliating dead skin cells and
stimulating skin regeneration. The smooth surface gently polishes skin,
rendering it velvety.
A mitten
The soft mitten massages your face, neck, and chest. Constant use will have
a beneficial effect on your skin.


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