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A Workout towel, a workout hairband, a body wash mitt, a turban, a shower
Path to perfection… By choosing AQUAmagic line’s SPORT ecological
products, you have assured yourself a feeling of cleanness and freshness
while living an active lifestyle.
Aquamagic SPORT set contains:
A workout towel
Indispensable for workouts: it perfectly absorbs moisture, features an
antiseptic effect, and does not cause irritation. The microfiber silver
nanoparticles inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria, reliably
protecting the skin.
A workout hairband
The elastic band holds the hair in place without squeezing the skin and
absorbs excess moisture, providing maximum comfort during exercise.
A body wash mitt
A gentle massage with the mitten while taking a shower helps to relax the
muscles and prevents muscle pain. It effectively and gently cleanses the
skin, stimulating skin regeneration.
A turban
Simple and easy to use, the turban quickly dries your hair without the help
of a hair dryer and exposing it to the harmful effects of hot air.
A shower towel
The towel perfectly absorbs moisture, does not irritate the skin, and
renders it matte and fresh. It provides you a feeling of softness, purity,
and tenderness.


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