Mop. Attachments of microfiber for the universal mop


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An attachment for dry cleaning, an attachment for wet cleaning, universal
Exclusive Aquamatic line products are unique, stylish, easy to use cleaning
tools.­ Attachments to clean surfaces used in the AQUAmatic line are made
of ultra-thin dissected microfiber produced according to the latest textile
technology:­­ each thread is cut longitudinally into eight regular sections
forming microscopic slits along the entire length of the thread.­­ Due to
this feature, a capillary effect is formed: under the influence of the
surface tension force, water with contaminants and dust comes off the
surface and draws into the fabric structure­­­ Microfiber products are also
resistant to microbes, removing them from the surface and containing them
in micropores.­
A set of microfiber attachments for the universal Aquamatic mop will ensure
environment friendly cleaning without using the household chemicals and
will build the safe and comfortable environment for children, pregnant
women and people with skin hypersensitivity, allergies or asthma.­
Using these attachments, the ultra-modern high-tech Aquamatic mop allows
easy cleaning of the room floor, removing dirt from the ceiling and walls
at the least efforts made; it will make the cleaning easier, faster, better
and will save you time and money!­
An attachment for dry cleaning
It ensures the quick and high-quality cleaning of large surfaces, it is
ideal for coatings not to be moistened. Thanks to the unique texture, the
Brosse fabric, in the dry state, electrifies when wiping the surface and
attracts the smallest dust particles, without dispersing them around the
room. It perfectly collects dust and dirt from the floor, walls and
ceiling, ideal for care of parquet and laminate.
An attachment for wet cleaning
A double-sided attachment perfectly washes the surface, removes dirt
leaving no stains. The nappy surface is ideal for the regular wet cleaning.
The excellent absorption capacity quickly collects any spill containing it.
The textile side carefully and thoroughly removes the hard dirt, including
oily stains, without damaging the surface.
Universal attachment
Allows wet, and dry cleaning of various surfaces, without leaving stains
and lint. The textile side designed for wet cleaning perfectly collects the
dirt and absorbs water.­ The nappy side designed for dry cleaning perfectly
collects dust, quickly tidies the parquet and carpeting. It delicately
cleans the surface, without any damage or scratches.­ Suitable for the
expensive polished furniture.
Wash with soap or mild detergent without any bleach and conditioner,
separately from other fabrics.In the case of strong contamination, it is permissible to boil the product
(moisten, soap well and put it into boiling water for no more than three
minutes).Do not use at high temperatures (do not wipe heated household appliances:
lamps, heaters and the like).Do not iron.Do not dry on hot radiators.Do not machine wash or dry in a spin dryer.Avoid contact of microfibers AQUAmagic with household chemicals.
To keep the unique properties and appearance of microfiber attachments, at
all times follow the instructions for use. Product lifetime while meeting
all conditions – up to 2 years.


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