X-formula. Express stain remover


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15 ml
Purified water, ethoxylated alcohol, tetrapotassium pyrophosphate, glycerin.
It easily, quickly and effectively removes all kinds of fresh stains from
coffee, tea, oil, wine, juice, sauces, fruits, chocolate, cosmetics, ball
pens and markers from fabrics. It is convenient to have the compact
X-FORMULA stain remover at hand and use anywhere (on a trip, in the
restaurant, office, etc.).
It treats only the spot without affecting the clean area. It is suitable
for all fade resistant fabrics (especially for cotton).
Before use, test stain remover in hidden areas to control fabric’s
colorfastness; it may ineffectively remove blood and fountain pen stains;
Do not use for fabrics recommended for dry cleaning.
Blot the fresh spot with a napkin, apply a little stain remover, slightly
rub the spot (for best results, rinse with water).
Shelf life 3 years.


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