Spray mop Aquamatic AERO


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Handle, upper tube, lower tube, water tank, platform.
The smart AERO mop is a new, quick and easy way to clean without buckets or
rags. A removable water tank with a fine spray located on the mop handle
ensures uniform wetting. Attachments made of ultrafine microfiber absorb as
much dirt as possible, are easily rinsed out and quickly dry. A 260 ml tank
is enough to clean 50 m2.
Aero Mop treats delicate surfaces such as parquet and laminate with care.
It perfectly cleans without detergents because of unique absorbent and
antibacterial properties of the microfiber attachments.
The kit includes two attachments. The white attachment is designed for
rooms with a high standard of cleanliness: children’s room and bedroom. The
grey attachment is suitable for other rooms.
The Aero Mop cleans like a professional, it is low in weight and ergonomic.
It can access just about everywhere. The length of the handle is designed
for housewives of any height. The light touch on the spray trigger, a
reliable plastic platform, changing attachments in a matter of seconds,
safe fixation of parts, and, finally, a stylish design make the AERO mop an
indispensable and beloved device of a modern housewife.


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