Nega. Cosmetic cloth


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20 х 20 cm
Gentle care at the first touch… Having made a choice in favor of NEGA
ecological products of AQUAmagic line, you have provided yourself with
perfect care for body and hair, as well as for your own health and the
health of the people around you.
Thanks to the innovative structure, it effectively removes makeup residues,
fat, and ­dead cells. It has the unique absorbing properties.­ The use of
the Silver technology prevents the emergence and growth of pathogenic
bacteria thanks to silver nanoparticles­. When using regularly, you improve
skin tone, refresh your complexion, increase the epidermal cell
susceptibility to nourishing and moisturizing ingredients of skin care
products. ­­ The cloth has the light peeling effect. For all skin types,
including sensitive.


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