luxe. Car care kit


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Universal cloth, universal wash mitt, cloth for glass and mirrors, cloth
for surfaces requiring gentle care.
Enjoy total car cleanliness!
By choosing the AQUAmagic line’s LUXE ecological products, you have
acquired effective, simple care for your car, given it clean shine, and
your car will serve you for many years.
Aquamagic LUXE set contains:
Universal cloth
It will help wipe dry all the parts and polish them after washing the car.
Indispensable for cleaning in the car cabin: it removes dirt from any and
all surfaces. Perfectly absorbs dust.
Universal wash mitt
Thanks to the abrasive features of the hard side of the mitt, it will
quickly remove road dirt and insects off of the windshield, hood, and
headlights. The soft side is meanwhile very convenient for wiping off dust,
hair, threads, crumbs, and nicotine plaque from the car’s interior,
including the upholstery and ceiling fabric. The microfiber raises the nap,
«pulls» the dust off the upholstery, and improves its appearance. The cuff
holds the mitten firmly on the arm while the forked cut ensures ease of use
and quick cleaning.
Cloth for glass and mirrors
Cleans windows, headlights, sidelights, and mirrors spotless. At the same
time, the cleaned surfaces have no need to be wiped dry. Removes static
electricity, protecting the surface from heavy sweating, freezing, and
recontamination for a lengthy period of time.
Cloth for surfaces requiring gentle care
Effectively removes dust and stains from such problem and whimsical areas
as the tool panel and indicator lights. Does not leave any lint or streaks.
Perfect for polishing chrome and metal surfaces.


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