Ultra Two. Set for ultra-strong contamination removal


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The Triple «Involver» sponge; the Large «Involver» sponge; the Medium
«Involver» sponge.
Enjoy effortless ultra-cleanliness! Having made a choice in favor of ULTRA
ecological products of AQUAmagic line, you have provided perfect,
chemical-free comfort, coziness and cleanliness in your house harmless to
your loved ones.
Aquamagic ULTRA two set contains:
The Triple «Involver» sponge
Its special triple design allows the sponge to be folded in different ways
for ease of use, enabling the best results to be achieved. It is designed
to remove various types of dirt from any surfaces: removing stubborn
stains, gripped dirt, and grease. It restores an impeccable appearance,
leaving no lint behind, and dust does not settle on the treated surface for
a long time.
The Large «Involver» sponge
The Large «Involver» sponge is designed specifically to collect resistant,
stubborn dirt and hold it inside. It is made for removing
difficult-to-clean dirt and stains from a variety of surfaces: fabrics and
carpets, grills, ovens, switches, window sills, etc. Cleanliness is
achieved in a single sweep – there is no need to rub the surface for a long
time and damage it.
The Medium «Involver» sponge
Quickly, successfully, and safely fights the most stubborn types of
contamination, including grease and stubborn dirt, in addition to
disinfecting these surfaces. It acts equally effectively on any surface –
this is a means of particular power in caring for automobiles, office
equipment, and household appliances. It perfectly absorbs dirt without
leaving any lint.


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