Mop. Universal mop with two attachments of microfiber for floor and other surfaces


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Mop platform, universal telescopic handle, an attachment for dry cleaning,
an attachment for wet cleaning.
Exclusive Aquamatic line products are unique, stylish, easy to use cleaning
tools. The flexible bracing and detachable mechanisms make them
multifunctional. High quality materials, versatility, reliability and
ergonomics of such products make them essential in every home.
Ultramodern high-tech mop allows easy floor washing in the room, removing
dirt from the ceiling and walls by spending the least of effort and time.
It has the unique design, thanks to which it is exceptionally convenient to
use and allows reducing the time of cleaning.Reliable fabric clips ensure quick change of cleaning attachments.
The telescopic handle can be fixed to any level as desired at 77 to 128 cm
to ensure high-quality cleaning of different surfaces. The mop is equipped
with the special rotating mechanism that increases its handleability.
The Aquamatic mop set includes two microfiber attachments that ensure the
environment friendly cleaning and create the safe environment for children,
pregnant women and people with skin hypersensitivity, allergies or asthma.
The Aquamatic mop makes the cleaning easier, quick, and high-quality and
will save the time and money!
Mop platform
Thanks to the built-in hinge, the platform may rotate in any direction to
ensure high-quality cleaning of any surfaces. The unique shape with rounded
edges and special faces makes it easy to remove any ­contamination. The
rubber cover reduces the pressure on the coating and securely holds the
attachment. The flexible bracing that connects the platform and the
telescopic handle is made of high-quality material and resists intense
loads. Clamps conveniently and firmly fix the cloth and ensure a quick
change of cleaning attachments.
Universal telescopic handle
Using a double grip rotary clamp, the telescopic handle is securely fixed
to any length of 77 to 128 cm, which makes it possible to use a mop not
only to clean the floor but also the walls and ceilings. It has the elastic
handle that avoids slipping in the hands when cleaning.
An attachment for dry cleaning
Makes the cleaning of large surfaces quick and high-quality. Due to the
unique texture, the Brosse fabric perfectly collects dust and dirt from the
floor, walls and ceiling, ideal for care of parquet and laminate.­
An attachment for wet cleaning
A double-sided attachment perfectly washes the surface, removes dirt
leaving no stains. The nappy surface is ideal for regular wet cleaning, it
perfectly collects dirt and absorbs water. The textile ­side allows to
carefully and thoroughly eliminate troubles with dirt without damaging the


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