Blanc. Multi-function washing stripes


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60 stripes
Coconut alcohol, natural vegetable oils, coconut oil extract, deionized
Innovative washing stripes based on vegetable components are created for
those who appreciate environmental friendliness, efficiency, convenience
and safety. They completely dissolve the dirt, returning the clothes
pristine purity. They easily cope even with complex stains. It is easy to
use and dosage them. Stripes carefully treat fabrics, keeping their color
and structure. They quickly dissolve in water without residue. They are
equally suitable for hand and machine washing. They perfectly work both in
hot and cold water of any hardness. They are fully biodegradable, safe for
children and allergy sufferers. They are enriched with oils to protect your
skin. You can take the stripes anywhere: they are compact and will not
spill like powder.
Take care of your family’s health using the multi-function BLANC washing
stripes! The best natural ingredients and eco-friendly technology is the
new standard for washing.
up to 3 kg – 2 stripes;from 3 to 6 kg – 4 stripes;over 6 kg – 6 stripes.
Front-loading washing machine
Put the clothes first.Place the Nanny stripes on top.
Washing machine with a vertical drum loading
Put the Nanny stripes in the drum of the machine.Put clothes on the stripes.
Dissolve Nanny stripes in water. Attention! Washing without foam.Put clothes.
Size strip: 90×110 мм.


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